Marketing led by tech, backed by data, and driven by results.

Marketing Services

We’ll help you create, expand, or support your marketing strategy with comprehensive services grounded in technological expertise. 

Too often, marketing and development operate in silos, performing related tasks without insight into the other department. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With most marketing happening online now, there is ample data about what drives user interaction and how effective your marketing is.

In order to leverage that data effectively, all aspects of your marketing strategy should take analytics into account. Whether it’s website or app design, SEO, social media, email campaigns, content, or your e-commerce solution, each can be set up and modified based on past and current statistics. You don’t have to simply throw darts in the dark anymore. You can build and adjust based on relevant, real-time data. We’re experts at doing just that.

Devmatics Marketing Services


Web design services

Functionality and aesthetics to improve user experience.

A website serves as your most basic and effective marketing tool, as well as a storefront for many companies. It needs to be executed correctly from both a functional and visual perspective to attract customers. There are a variety of website options, from public platforms, to fully customized development, to a blend of the two to approaches to choose from. 

We’re experts at each of these approaches and will choose the one that best fits a client’s needs. We blend this with modern design and ecommerce solutions to give you everything a modern company needs. Whether it’s ground up or integration with existing

SEO Strategy & Optimization

Helping your audiences find and connect with your organization.

If your website is going to sell, it has to be easy to find. No matter how good your product or service is, if it’s buried in a related internet search, no one will know. When we create a website or custom app, we search databases for keywords and phrases that can help boost your visibility to search engines. That goes beyond just tossing a word we think might be relevant out there; each of our keywords is analyzed to see market saturation and attainability. 

We also implement the best practices for technology architecture, which factor into SEO rankings. That includes not only original content featuring keywords, but also design and layout considerations, establishing links, analytics tools for the page and server, and more. While search engine algorithms are complex, ever-changing, and take in other factors, this is the best way to ensure that you move up the list of findable companies when someone is searching for a company like yours.

Analytics & Reporting tools

Data Analytics

Data-driven decision-making for your web content.

Websites, emails, social media posts, and pretty much everything online has hidden layers of data being reported to let you know how many and what types of users are engaging with your marketing. You can use this data to know which posts or what type of content users are engaging most with. 

Devmatics embeds analytics tools to help you harvest this data and then give you detailed reports based on how your campaign or website is performing. Once we’ve analyzed the data, we then optimize the existing content and use it to create better content going forward. We can also help you adjust your strategies to adhere to best practices for driving user interaction, craft a data-driven plan to make sure you’re doing what you should, and then implement it for you.

Social Media

Social Media

Reaching your audience on their favorite platform.

There are over four billion social media users in the world now. As a company, you simply can’t ignore this—it has to be a part of your overall marketing strategy. Doing so effectively, however, is another story. We can help you create and build ad campaigns, create content, design social media graphics, and then schedule content to keep audience interaction high.

A good social media presence will create and post content daily, at the very least. It also includes engagement strategies like talking with users, increasing followers, and running contests. Our team will do this for you year round to keep engagement growing and free up your time. We use our deep background in analytics to decide where and what to post about. We then analyze interactions, reactions, and ultimately, conversion rates based on urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters to ensure that a campaign is accomplishing its goals.

Email Marketing & Design

Connecting with your customers in their inbox.

Email marketing can take many forms, like newsletters, attempted acquisition of new customers, or offering a promotional product or event to existing customers. The goal is to drive customer interaction, and eventually, sales. Almost all companies are doing this now, with varying degrees of success.

How can you do so effectively, without spending an inordinate amount of time or money accomplishing your goals? We use our technological background to automate messages and responses with custom content and graphics. While generic content gets ignored, we work to create messaging that people will want to read. This increases customer touch points while cutting down on the amount of time you spend creating them. We then use our analytics tools to see who’s responding to what, and then follow up or adjust as necessary. 

Creating professional content and saving you time.

Content marketing is growing in popularity as consumers in the past decade have looked for more of a connection with the companies they spend money with. The issue for most companies is content takes time to create and is often done by an owner with little time or a marketing hire without a writing background. As a result, content is usually put on the backburner, executed incorrectly, and fails to achieve its goals. Writing persuasive copy that connects with an audience is what you want. That’s what we do.   

Content marketing is part art, part science. What you create needs to be interesting and relevant, but there are also underlying statistics and data trends on what words or phrases to use, publication frequency, paragraph size, and word count. We’ll use these analytics to create content optimized for web interaction, while still achieving the desired effect of creating a relationship with existing or potential customers.


Growing your base and increasing online revenue.  

We’ve been building e-commerce solutions since our founding and have deep expertise in creating customized solutions to meet any client’s needs. Many businesses start their e-commerce on a public platform, which is a great starting point. As organizations grow, however, this often leads companies conforming their business to work with the software, which is the opposite of how it should work.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to integrate an existing e-commerce platform to work for you, we’ll create a unique solution that’s customized to the exact needs of your organization. Our technical teams manage all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from coding to quality assurance, while our business team works directly with the client on sales, marketing, and operation of their new technical system.