Devmatics Lives To Solve Their Client's Problems

We Find Solutions For Our Clients In All Aspects of Their Operations

When you have a medical problem, you talk with a doctor. When you have a legal problem, you talk with a lawyer. When you have a business technology problem, you talk with Devmatics. We are experts in all areas of technology and have a wide range of general business expertise. We’re here to help you tackle your biggest problems, better engage with your stakeholders and achieve your organization’s objectives.

We can assist you with a wide range of business needs ranging from sales, marketing, operations, compliance and more. We pride ourselves in having a diverse staff with varied backgrounds. We have data scientists, certified public accountants, marketing professionals, and even creative artists. We actively seek out staff from different walks of life as we feel it gives us the insight we would otherwise not have. This diversity of thought allows us to understand our client projects from multiple perspectives and find hidden solutions. We work together, hand in hand with our clients to give them the information they need to effectively make decisions.

Give Us a Big Problem. We’ll Give You Specific Solution.

We Love Getting Into the Weeds With Our Clients. We Live To Get Hands Dirty With Your Projects and Problems.

Devmatics Loves Problem Solving

We thrive on problem-solving and we love puzzles. We haven’t found a nut too hard that we can’t crack. We’re always looking for ways to build a better mousetrap. We actively solicit our clients to give us the problems they haven’t been able to solve. We’ve helped our clients find specific ways of generating additional revenue, reducing unnecessary costs, or better engaging with their stakeholders. We aren’t big fans of corporate jargon or vague recommendations. We like to tell you exactly what to do and how it should be done.

Our projects usually involve incorporating technology in some respect. We feel that most of today’s operational problems can be addressed and managed with the effective use of technology. Unfortunately, most existing long-standing organizations have been stuck in their ways sometimes for decades. The world around them has changed, but they still operate the same way they did in 1993. Our clients engage with us because we work cross-functionally inside their organization. We can work at a high-level and help determine policy and procedure at the executive level. We can also get into the weeds with them and help them with the daily aspects of their operations. We are everywhere and anywhere our clients might need us. If you ask us a direct question, we will work to give you a direct answer. Our only interest and motivation are serving the needs of the client.

Training & Promoting Technology Adoption

From experience, the leading factor which can cause a technology project to fail is ineffective end-user training. The success of any project at the end of the day is ultimately determined by its users. If the users are educated, motivated and invested then the project will be successful. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t have the time, resources or expertise to provide training for their staff or customers. This lack of knowledge can lead to apathy and ultimately adoption failure.

Devmatics Can Train Your Staff and Stakeholders On Any Technology Solution scaled

We can work with our clients to design, produce and present training opportunities to their end-users. We can prepare training solutions for specific applications, platforms or technologies. Additionally, we can prepare more broad solutions to fit more general business needs. Training is always a component of any technology project when we deliver a project, but we also can provide regular on-going training as well. Regular training helps keep existing staff current and up to date as well as trains any new hires inside a client’s organization.

External CIO & CTO Services

We pride ourselves on the longevity of our client relationships. We focus on creating and maintaining deep bonds with our clients. Most of our clients have been engaged with our firm for many years and utilized us on many different projects throughout their organization. We look for new ways to provide value and assist them with achieving their goals and objectives, whatever they might be. Our clients know that we have their back and best interests for all their technology needs.

Devmatics Can Service as Your External CIO or CTO For Your Organization

For some of our clients, we serve in either an executive or advisor capacity to their leadership. In essence, we can serve an outsourced chief information office (CIO) or chief technology office (CTO) to our clients. A CIO focuses on the internal technology needs of an organization including infrastructure, systems, and architecture. They focus on aligning technology infrastructure with business priorities. A CTO is responsible for technologies that will help the organization grow externally with its customers, vendors and the public. They use technology to help enhance the company’s services and product offerings. These areas are important to an organization’s success, but they are often expensive and difficult roles to fill. Additionally, while an organization might need these services they might not need the person full time.

Our majority of our clients are small and medium-sized businesses. However, having a full-time CIO or CTO would be cost-prohibitive and unnecessary. Regardless, they need help thinking big picture, planning strategy and executing daily operations. They need an advocate which can translate technical information into common easy to understand business language. Likewise, their vendors need someone who can speak their technical language and translate business objectives into actionable items. The senior leadership of Devmatics is capable and able to provide those services to your organization. We can make ourselves available for a wide range of business services from the board of director’s meetings to strategic planning sessions to regular reviews of operations. We’re happy to lend our time, talents, knowledge and expertise to help you meet your organizational priorities.

Devmatics Can Service as Your External CIO or CTO For Your Organization

Let Devmatics Find Solutions For Your Organization's Biggest Headaches, Problems and Projects

We live to deliver outstanding value and service to our clients any way we can. We work with our clients at every level of their organization, from the line worker to the executive office. We’re here to help you solve your biggest problems and navigate the choppy waters of technology. We can design and present training programs for your staff on your latest technology project. We can present options to your board of directions on how to increase your revenue. We’re here for you.

Let’s Build Something Together