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Data is the black gold of the 21st century. There is an ocean of it inside your organization and you need the right tools to find it. Organizations that understand, learn and make data-driven decisions are at a major advantage compared to organizations that don’t. Leveraging your organization’s data effectively is like having a crystal ball and having a fuzzy picture of the future. It allows you to see around the corner and anticipate changes in the marketplace or industry. Hopefully, giving you the advantage to make better, faster and more effective decisions than your competitors.

Big data is a term used to describe very large information sets. It’s a term that is used to generally describe everything from a collection of databases to the vast quantities of data on the Internet. Big data itself is not inherently useful to an organization. Like a crop in the ground, it must be harvested, processed and refined to become of importance. Analytics allows us to extract that value by analyzing the data in multiple ways to extract the nuggets of wisdom that can have an impact on the organization. It allows us to find the needles in the haystack which can help an organization increase revenue, better manage expenses or more effectively serve their stakeholders.

We Build Decision Support Systems So You Can Make Data Driven Decisions Based On Facts

Big business has been effectively leveraging their data for decades. The idea that learning from data can help drive decision making is what helped fuel their success, to begin with. Historically, big data and analytic services were too cost-prohibitive and time-consuming for most organizations. It required significant investment in specialized software, hardware and human capital to leverage effectively. Thankfully, in the last few years, the cost and time to implement have been dramatically reduced. Several fantastic software solutions and technology providers can help all types of organizations.

Devmatics has been helping our clients harness their data since its inception. We have designed and developed a wide range of solutions to help their clients make good decisions. We have developed data warehouses to collect and centralize an organization’s structured data. We have built even larger data lakes to store all aspects of an organization’s data in a central repository. We have built all types of reporting tools, algorithms, and components to help our clients have their data at their fingertips. Our clients know they have a trusted partner to help them make sense of what’s to come. 

Devmatics has a unique ability, strength in capability in helping our clients understand their data. We pride ourselves in having a diverse staff with varied backgrounds. We have data scientists, certified public accountants, marketing professionals, and even creative artists. We actively seek out staff from different walks of life as we feel it gives us the insight we would otherwise not have. This diversity of thought allows us to understand our client projects from multiple perspectives and find hidden solutions. We work together, hand in hand with our clients to give them the information they need to effectively make decisions.

What Does a Devmatics Big Data Project Look Like?

What Kind of Solutions Do You Build? How Does it Work?

Devmatics Reporting Solutions for Big Data and Analytic

We work with our clients to help them wrangle their data and get it in a position where it can be effectively used for reporting. We identify where their data is stored, its function to the business and its value in decision making. Working with the client we determine the current and long-term goals of the reporting solution. With this information, we design a solution that fits the specific needs of the project and organization. For example, if the client is focused on increasing revenue, we will focus on including information from the various systems which contribute to the organization’s sales. If the client would like to have better control over their expenses, we will focus on the systems which determine the organization’s costs. The client can determine the width and breadth of their reporting needs.

Our solutions vary depending on the needs of the client and project. We can help your organization implement an off-the-shelf solution or we can build a custom solution for your organization. While off-the-shelf solutions can be a little easier, they are still not completely turnkey and often don’t completely fit the needs of the project. Often, we will develop procedures to extract, transform and load your data into a newly created repository. This allows us to centralize and standardize your data for easier access for reporting and analytics. We can also work with you to build a set of standard reporting objects, key performance indicators or metrics to help inform your organization going forward.

Devmatics are Experts with Microsoft Power BI

Devmatics have years of experience building and developing interactive dashboards using Microsoft Power BI.

Some projects entail the creation of custom reports and dashboards to serve the needs of the client’s staff, management, or customers. We’ve designed custom interfaces that can be accessed from any Internet-connected device. Our dashboards are designed to tightly meet the client’s reporting objectives and often are a component of a larger enterprise or mobile app. Additionally, for clients who already have an existing enterprise system or mobile app, we can design a reporting endpoint (e.g. REST API) that can be consumed by an already created service.

What Does This Cost? What is the Timeline?

The cost of the data analytics project is driven by the size and scope of the work required. Generally, the quantity of data, the quality of the data, and the type of output are three of the biggest cost drivers. An organization with poorly organized, low quality and highly fragmented data should allocate a higher budget for their reporting projects. Reporting projects are substantially time-driven project and frankly, poor data take significant time to make useful. Clients can often save time and money by doing an internal review and cleaning up their data themselves before the commencement of any project.

Devmatics Big Data and Analytics Projects Timeline and Budget

Before the commencement of any project, we determine a scope of work, timeline, and budget. We use these documents to guide our work so we can deliver a project on time and budget. Nobody likes surprises, we want our clients to know before getting started how long the project is going to take and what they can expect it to cost.

Clients can help control the cost of integration projects by being prepared and actively engaged throughout the process. The most successful project often has an internal champion inside the client’s organization which helps guide the project, clears internal roadblocks, assisting with quality control and getting consensus on direction from their team. While these seem like simple tasks, they make a huge difference in the time requirements and can often save the company significant expense.

Let Devmatics Help Improve Your Organization By Helping You Learn From Your Data!

We Can Help You Find the Hidden Treasure Buried Deep Within Your Databases and Systems.

All types of organizations can benefit from using their data more effectively. It is the key to growth, reducing expense, promoting efficiency and gaining effectiveness inside an organization. It gives your leadership the information needed to make good data-driven decisions. They will have the data they need, in the format they want to receive it at exactly the right time.


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