Proven Experience Solving the Most Complicated Technology Issues

Devmatics is a professional software development company. At its core, it focuses on solving problems through the implementation of technology. Devmatics focuses on building custom software solutions for its clients. We’ve built everything from distance learning to custom eCommerce projects to mobile apps. We’ve built up a wide range of expertise over the years to assist clients in any industry. We’re always ready to take on a new project and help our clients grow their businesses.  

Simple Beginnings With a Simple Idea

Devmatics was formed in 2017 by Stephen M. Yoss and Alex White. They both are two expert technologists with decades of combined experience. Stephen’s career started in business and grew towards technology. Alex’s career started in technology and grew towards business. While they come from different perspectives, they are different sides of the same coin. This allows them to understand, analyze and develop solutions that truly solve major business problems. They truly strive to understand a project at a deep technical level, but also in the broader context of what the business is trying to achieve. They are deeply involved and invested in every client project, the success of their team, and in the on-going operation of the company.

We work with our clients to tackle any technology project in their organization.
United States of America
Devmatics is 100% American owned and operated. All our staff is located in the USA.

Who We Work With, Our Clients

We pride ourselves on being selective of our clients and projects. We only work with organizations that are going to be a good fit for our culture and values. We want to have a healthy, positive, productive and profitable relationship with our clients. We want to add value throughout their organization by helping them better implement technology. We carefully choose our engagements as we often work with our clients for years at a time. We want our clients to turn to us first to help them build, grow and maintain their organizations.

Our Mission Statement

We’re committed to developing meaningful relationships and making a tangible difference in every organization we work with. Our goal is to provide the highest quality solutions for businesses that rely on technology to function and thrive. We strive to enable organizations to grow by helping them utilize the most modern, customized software solutions available.

Devmatics Leadership


Alex White

CTO & Partner

Devmatics Staff

We pride ourselves in having amazing, dedicated, creative staff. Our staff come from a varied backgrounds from traditional computer science to musical theater. Our diversity is a strength and helps us come up with unique solutions for complicated problems. Interested in joining our team? Click here to learn more.

Alicia Nichols

Alicia Yoss

Marketing Director

Alanna Regalbuto

Alanna Regalbuto

Operations Specialist


Christian McCarthy

Senior Developer

Ariana Pickens

Ariana Pickens

Graphic Designer


Andrew Haskell

Developer & Sys. Administrator


Luke Keysboe



Shawnee Norris

Operations Assistant


Joel Hathaway

Content Writer & Editor


Nicole Walraven

Jr. Developer & Sys. Specialist


Sean R. Poindexter

Business Development Associate


Nicolle Blair

Social Media Specialist

Elouri Yassine

Yassine Elouri

Contract Developer


Stephen M. Yoss, Sr., CPA

CFO & Business Advisor