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Devmatics builds solutions for all types of organizations, different types of products, and service offerings. Let's sell online today.

Bringing your great idea, service or product to market is a big task. We can help you design a custom online experience to help streamline and optimize your offering. We’ve built solutions from scratch as well as built out existing eCommerce platforms for our clients. We work with our clients to determine the best approach and strategy for them and their projects.

Our typical project are those that are larger, mission-critical and have unique requirements for our clients. There are several fantastic free or low-cost eCommerce solutions available these days, which is great as an entry-level solution. However, these solutions often lack integration with your existing infrastructure or don’t provide an automated workflow for your critical business functions. These features become increasingly more important as an organization grows, expands and scales. We work with our clients to make the magic happen and take the headache out of selling online. We either will build a solution from the ground up or extend an existing platform to meet the needs of the organization. In the long run, this saves the client time, resources and effort.

Ecommerce Solution

eCommerce Solutions That Fit Your Company, Products, and Services Like a Glove.

Custom Designed and Developed Solutions

Our focus is building completely custom unique solutions for our clients. This allows us to tailor the project to fit like a glove to their organization. Our process begins with detailed planning on the goals and objectives of the project. We take a holistic approach with our planning and try to step back and objective figure out the best approach to serve the needs of the client. We try to deeply understand what the client is trying to accomplish and the best course of action to get there. We work to bring the client multiple approaches at different timelines and budgets. We help the client navigate the waters of software development to make the best decision for their organization. We work to best design, develop and implement our client’s vision at the timeline, budget, and resources allocated by the client.

We have a talented team of American based developers who go to work bringing the client project to life. Every project is assigned both a technical and business team. Our technical team focuses on the software development aspects of the project. Our business team works in conjunction with the technical team and the client to ensure that the project meets the business objectives of the client. Our technical teams manage all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from coding to quality assurance. Our business team works directly with the client on sales, marketing and operation of their new technical system. We find that our two-team approach helps us meet the client expectations and that our deliverable solves specific business problems

Taking Existing eCommerce Solutions from Good to Great

Shopify & WooCommerce are two of the largest and most widely used public eCommerce platforms. They allow any sized organization to easily sell their products online. Their one sized-fit-most marketplace is a good solution for organizations that sell standard products and services. They offer reasonably priced packages which include services such as product management, credit card processing, and more. They are a wonderful solution for organizations just getting started, have a limited eCommerce offering or working on a tight budget.

Many organizations that start with these solutions will quickly find that they must conform their business to work with the software. These solutions are designed to fit the broadest use cases for most organizations. They often lack the features and capabilities to support the more unique aspects of an organization. Additionally, they might not have the necessary integration into other applications or workflow automation that the organization requires. These missing functionalities can often cause the organization unnecessary headache, additional cost, and increased errors. 

We work with our clients to complete these standard solutions to make them not only work but work well for their organizations. We can build the “last mile” of the functionality of these applications to make them share data with an organization’s other platforms, complete tasks automatically and autonomously, and build reports that provide the insight necessary to make decisions. Our enhanced functionality is often the difference between good and great for these platforms. We are experts in making these platforms bend to the will of our clients.

What Does a Devmatics eCommerce Project Cost? What Kind Of Timeline Should I Expect?

Before the commencement of any project, we determine a scope of work, timeline, and budget. We use these documents to guide our work so we can deliver a project on time and budget. Nobody likes surprises, we want our clients to know before getting started how long the project is going to take and what they can expect it to cost.

Clients can help control the cost of integration projects by being prepared and actively engaged throughout the process. The most successful project often has an internal champion inside the client’s organization which helps guide the project, clears internal roadblocks, assisting with quality control and getting consensus on direction from their team. While these seem like simple tasks they make a huge difference in the time requirements and can often save the company significant expense.

Sounds Good? Let's Develop an eCommerce Solution For You!

We often work with our clients for years and across many different projects. We’re not a build it and forget it kind of company. We stay engaged with our clients to ensure that the solutions continue to work and provide exceptional value. All organizations change over time and we change too. We work to extend, grow and change our solutions to continue to meet the needs of the evolving organization. We can change integrations, workflows, reports, etc. to respond to changing business conditions. We stand by our work and we support our clients in whatever they need.


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