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Mobile traffic continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate year over year. About 50% of all website usage occurs from a smartphone, compared to about 30% just a few years prior. For organizations to remain competitive they need to have a presence on mobile devices. Having a website isn’t enough to remain active stakeholders. They want to be able to engage with your organization using any device of their choosing. They want to be able to get information, learn about your services or purchase a product right from their smartphone or connected device. Organizations that lack that ability will lose opportunities to organizations that do.

For years mobile development was expensive, time-consuming and required expertise. The major platforms all required staff with highly specialized knowledge and skillsets. A major app would require at least two and sometimes more teams to build, test and deploy their offering. These barriers to entry prevented a lot of organizations from being able to engage with their audiences using these platforms. Thankfully, in the last few years, the cost, time and resource requirements for app building have sharply decreased. A single team can now build an app that can be deployed on all major smartphone operating systems. Additionally, that same app can also be utilized on desktop computers and even a wide range of other connected devices. Organizations of all sizes now have access to this space which was previously only open to big business.

Devmatics Custom Mobile App Developement for iOS and Android

Devmatics has been building mobile apps for over five years. We focus on building business applications that help our clients serve their stakeholders on the go. We’ve made mobile apps that are used in the construction and mining industries by thousands of workers every day. We’ve apps that provided a multimedia experience to people watching fireworks shows. We’ve made many different apps to help our clients sell their products on smartphones. We’ve even created Alexa and Google Home apps to allow our client’s customers to be able to interact with them through their smart home devices. If it is connected to the Internet, we can find a way to leverage it for your organization.

Progressive Web Applications

A Modern, Cost-Effective, Scalable Option for Mobile App Development

Devmatics Custom Mobile App Developement for iOS and Android

Today’s most common approach for developing apps is a design style called progressive web applications (PWAs). A PWA is an application that leverages a lot of common web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the app design. The benefit being the app code can be cross-platform working on iOS, Android and desktop browsers. In a nutshell, the organization gets a three for one deal on their project! Additionally, a PWA can look and feel like any other app on the user’s phone. It can interact with the user’s camera, GPS sensor, address book and more. PWAs are faster to build, offer fantastic capabilities and cost a fraction of the traditional cost of building an app.

The advantages of this approach can be huge to a small or medium-sized business. They can bring their idea to market with less risk faster and cheaper than ever before. Additionally, the ability to be able to satisfy virtually all devices from the same codebase has never been possible before today. This gives the organization great flexibility in designing and building new functionality or quickly pivoting to take advantage of new business opportunities. A PWA can be anything from a simple website on a mobile device to a complex business management system that is used by thousands of people concurrently. They are a fantastic option for general business applications including eCommerce, learning tools, collecting information, enterprise operations, order fulfillment and more.

Native Programming for Mobile Development

When in Doubt, Devmatics Can Build Native Apps Using Swift, Java, or Objective-C.

Devmatics Does OS and Android Mobile App Development

As great as PWAs are they aren’t a good fit for every project. For example, it wouldn’t be great to use PWA design architecture if you wanted to build a graphics-intensive game or a video editing app. In situations where a PWA isn’t a good fit, we can also offer to build an app using native programming languages of the platform. For example, Apple devices use a language called Objective-C and Swift. Android devices typically use Java and C++ language. While more complicated and resource-intensive, these offer the highest and best mobile experience. Our team includes a wide range of developers with experience and expertise in these languages. This allows us to be able to build whatever app experience the client would like.

What Does a Devmatics Mobile App Look Like?

What Does It Cost? What is the Timeline?

The cost and time of building a mobile app vary widely project to project. The biggest factors are the complexity of the functionality of the app, the availability of supporting technology, and the range of devices that need to be supported. As with anything the more complex the solution the more time it takes to make. Thankfully, we can help our clients make good design decisions which can greatly speed up the process and reduce cost. 

Before the commencement of any project, we determine a scope of work, timeline, and budget. We use these documents to guide our work so we can deliver a project on time and budget. Nobody likes surprises, we want our clients to know before getting started how long the project is going to take and what they can expect it to cost.

Devmatics Mobile App Development cost timeline

Clients can help control the cost of integration projects by being prepared and actively engaged throughout the process. The most successful project often has an internal champion inside the client’s organization which helps guide the project, clears internal roadblocks, assisting with quality control and getting consensus on direction from their team. While these seem like simple tasks they make a huge difference in the time requirements and can often save the company significant expense.

Typically, we recommend a phased approach when building a mobile or connected device app. A phased approach helps the client better organize their business, adapt over time, spread the cost over a longer period and see measurable results throughout the project. Additionally, this allows the client to make changes as they see the app created. Often the requirements will change as they use the app in day-to-day operations.

Sounds Good? Let Devmatics Bring Your Mobile App Idea To Life!

We can design, develop, test, deploy and maintain your organization's mobile app for both iOS and Android

Devmatics can help you build your organization’s app to serve whatever purpose you need. Our apps are built to order and can be either standalone or incorporated into a larger technology project. We can help you get your company front row and center with your stakeholders and customers on the device of their choosing. They will have the ability to interact with your organization using their smartphone, desktop browser or other connected devices. Your organization will be everywhere they need you.

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